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06 August 2009 @ 07:37 pm
Knickles & Dimes: New Release book  
I've just found out about a great sounding novel called 'Knickles & Dimes' by first time author Jillian Hewitt. Knickles & Dimes is about 20-something year old Keira Knickle who seems to have a great life. She has a good job, a decent apartment and is very attractive, but this isn't enough for Keira. She's looking for a change in her life. That change comes when she meets a man who seems perfect. He can offer her everything she's ever dreamed of. But her friends and family warn Keira not to get in over her head. Before she knows it though, it seems Keira has gone over the edge!
You can find out more information about Knickles & Dimes and it's author here and it is currently available for purchase.
I think Knickles & Dimes looks like a great light hearted read and I'm definitely adding it to my wish list.